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Iris Society
Iris above is a seedling.  

The Spuria Iris Society (SIS), a section of the American Iris Society, was organized in 1952.

Spurias will grow and bloom well in most areas of the country.  Most modern hybrids are descendants of species found in Southern Europe and east throughout Afghanistan.  Modern hybrids are respected for their ease of growth and enormous size.  Their exquisite flowers are highly sought by both florists and arrangers. 

Every year the Eric Nies Award is given for the best Spuria as voted on by AIS judges.  The first Nies Award was given in 1956 to WADI ZEM ZEM (Milliken '43).

The annual meeting of the Society is held each year in conjunction with the American Iris Society's national convention.

1998 was the inception of our first "mini-convention" focusing on our love, the Spuria Iris.

The Society publishes a Newsletter twice a year with articles on hybridizers, culture, information on gardens throughout the country and other items of interest. 

 The Spuria Iris Society is also on Facebook -- Click to go there

We invite you to join us.

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